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The NOVAVITA belt is an innovative abdominal support belt (CMA) specially designed for obese patients. They provide abdominal support in cases of pathological parietal insufficiency (obesity, ventrations, stomas, hernias, etc.).

NOVAVITA's strengths
  • TRIPLE BILATERAL BAGGING to adjust compression
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS to adjust support and accompany pendulum mass loss
  • INTERNAL POCKET for a stronger apron hold
  • FRONT: Spiral ribbing and zipper for easy positioning
  • BACK FACE: Spring steel bracing and 3D technical fabric lining for comfort
  • Specially developed BIDIRECTIONAL TECHNICAL FABRIC: Elastic in one direction for radial compression and locked in the other direction for longitudinal support. Fabric developed and manufactured in France. Made-to-measure patterns and garments in France. Patent-protected innovation. Optional hypogastric leg
  • OPTIONAL HYPOGASTRITICAL PLATE: Reinforces deck support
Fitting the belt
We recommend using the belt in a standing or sitting position, with the zipper open. Put on from the bottom, then put on the straps and zipper up. Installation must be carried out by a healthcare professional. Then adjust the tension by positioning the stapling hooks independently.
Precautions for use
NOVATEX MEDICAL NOVAVITA belts are single-patient devices and are prescribed by a doctor. Do not apply NOVAVITA belts directly to open wounds or damaged skin; do not apply belts in the event of a known allergy to any of the components.
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